Emma Sings: Ke$ha

*Zebulicious, my baby daddy, would like it duly noted that our five-year-old knows the KIDZ BOP versions of these songs and is not listening to explicit lyrics.

Emma says she wants to be a rock star. Right now I’m just praying that Taylor Swift will be her biggest musical influence.

And to further illustrate that we are not, in fact, raisin’ our chirrens to be complete heathens, please take a minute to listen to Emma’s first original song she wrote for God…

Remember, the pahtee don’t staht til she walks in and God is bigger than a whale AND a teenager and no one is in charge of him.


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  1. Angie says

    I hate to break it to you…but it sounds like Emma is already hitting the bottle. She’s slurring her words and e’rything.

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