My Two Year Old is a Genius

Really. Somebody call Harvard. She’s totally ready for Med School. She’s not completely potty trained yet.┬áBut y’all. It’s HARD to not pee in your sleep.

Her Daddy likes to tell them the names of all their bones at bath time. Instead of, “Wash your leg.” He says, “Don’t forget your femur.”

So the other day Sadie just randomly busted out with, “Inna gonna hold Baby Biolet (Her cousin, Violet) and put her wight up on my cwabicle.”

NATCH, I had to grab the camera. Then she got all sassy and wouldn’t repeat herself.

I love how her response to, “I love you” was, “Good.”

Smug little booger.

And speaking of boogers, last night I made her blow her nose a bunch of times and said, “There we go. We finally got it.”

She stuck her finger up her nose to her second knuckle and said, “I pound my snot Momma.”

POUNDSIGN: Doogie Howser bettah watch his back, yo.

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