100 Days of School aka IN YOUR FACE PARENTS

Is it me or is this whole “100 Days of School” thing teachers way of saying, “IN YOUR FACE PARENTS! We are almost done and then these brats are YOUR problem for three months! Mwhahahaha!”

Maybe not. I’m just saying I don’t remember celebrating 100 days of school when I was a kid.

A few weeks ago Aubrey (seven-years-old) got in the car after school and asked, “Mom, do you still know how to make those fancy layered cakes?” (Fancy= from the box, FYI.)

Me: Yes.

Aubrey: WELLL, I told my teacher that you make the BEST layer cakes in the world and you probably wanted to make one for the 100th day of school…

Now I won’t say I was just sitting at home thinking, “Gee WHIZ I sure would like to bake a cake!” But I was touched Aubrey thought something I did was awesome and she wanted to show off my mad Betty Crocker skillz to her friends.

So last night, me and my Boos stirred and mixed and poured and baked…

and licked…

And we made a four layer Devil’s Food Cake decorated with 100 mini-Oreos.  We even crushed some Oreos up and sprinkled them in between the layers. Yes we did.

I realized half-way through the icing process that I barely had enough for the cake and it wasn’t pretty but Aubrey was thrilled, “Momma, I can’t wait to show this to my friends. You are the best baker ever! You could probably quit writing books and just teach people to make cakes. Don’t you think that people would pay you to make cakes like this for them? You could make wedding cakes… and castle cakes, and Barbie cakes and Mermaid Barbie cakes…”

Please know I have never made any of those things. I wouldn’t even know where to start and the icing on THIS cake was pretty dadgum ugly.

Me: How do you make a Mermaid Barbie Cake?
Aubrey: You just take a Barbie and wrap a Fruit Roll-Up around her legs…

Well… somebody’s an evil genius.

This is what we ended up with…

100 Mini Oreos and NOT coincidentally 100 Weight Watchers points per slice.

Not that I do that– too much math. 

I’d almost be willing to commit gluten-icide for a slice. Almost.

What do you think about the 100th Day of School? Teachers: BE HONEST, a little bit of you is doing your Happy-IN-YOUR-FACE-Parents! Dance, aren’t you??



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  1. Lou Mello says

    Love the cake and have no clue what the 100 days of school is about. Do they get out of school or just have a goof off day with goodies supplied by the ‘rents??

    As Alice would say….school keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

  2. Gena says

    As a teacher I loved the 100th day of school full of fun math activities, none of which involved the parents. Maybe that’s because I taught in inner-city schools where the parents were more concerned with where the next meal was coming from and not how to decorate an extra t-shirt (which they did not have) with a cute 100’s design. As a parents, it’s another story. When my oldest was in kindergarten I made a cute caterpillar cake with 100 pretzel legs. ( I copied from a friend.) Now that child #2 is in kindergarten and child #3 exists I am OVER the 100th day of school. Child #2 has to design a t-shirt with 100 items. So, my 5 yr. old is supposed to affix 100 items to a t-shirt with safety pins or hot glue (read Mama has to do this.) If I sound a bit bitter maybe I am. Last weekend child #1 had to make the parthenon AND write a report about it. This week child #2 has to design & make the 100th day of school t-shirt AND a king’s shield that includes 5 photographs that describes himself. Read, mom has to search the computer and download photos to Walgreens to be printed. Meanwhile child # 3 is being ignored while she destroys the house. If I sound bitter I’ll be over it by the time all projects are turned in and my sweet kids are proud of their (our) accomplishments. I LOVE my kids school and their precious teachers. I am just tired!

    • Blair says

      I hear you Gena! My kids are not school age yet but I taught for 7 years before staying home this year. I did as few take home projects as possible (maybe 2 a year?) for the very reasons you listed! I loved the 100th day of school because it’s just a fun way to do all the lessons that you have to do anyway. Plus, you trick parents into sending you chocolate cake!

  3. says

    As Dillon’s teacher said after my post about the 100th day of school… it means there are only 80 days left. And that’s just wrong! :)

    She also said that 100 is a “magic number”… once you learn to count to 100, you can build on it. Or something like that. It’s definitely a new thing.
    Angie Mizzell recently posted..I take my chances on every day

  4. says

    one of mine had to dress like he was 100 (he didn’t), and the other had to wear 100 of something (froot loop necklace). not a fan of the project. but if i was a teacher and could swindle you into bringing that cake, i’d celebrate every 15th day of school!!
    laura recently posted..innocent?

  5. says

    I’ve never thought about it before, but it is a sad mile marker for me each year. It seems my kids only do this is kindergarten or first grade. All I’ve ever been asked is for the kids to bring in 100 of something. Which usually ends up being pony beads or whatever small thing I can find before the bus comes.

  6. monica says

    One of my former teacher now school administrator friends posted a pic of her son dressed as a 100 yr old man for this occasion and I was completely baffled. Now, my daughter is only two, so I could be ever so wrong in saying that I think kids would do better if they had a year-round school schedule instead of the off 3 months for the summer deal. Childcare and employers would have to evolve to accommodate it, but I think in the long run it would serve the children better by keeping them engaged all year (teaching them to be lifelong learners) and never letting them get the mentality that they’re “owed” the summer off. Am I nuts?

  7. Dana says

    We experienced our first 100th day of school with our kindergartener. We were asked to bring in 100 of anything and have them write a couple of sentences about it. Not a huge deal except I opened my big mouth and suggested we bring in 100 Superheros. We spent the next week find just the right picture to cut out of comic books (we have a ton). In the end he was so excited about his project and we all had fun helping him with it.

  8. Whitney Gephart says

    LOL My oldest is in kindergarten this year so for us it was a milestone, and she took 100 pennies (mostly cause I didn’t have a hundred of anythingg else just lying around) to school to celebrate.

    But you get to do your first day of school dance at the end of the summer and its much more satisfying I’m sure 😉

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