The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever: Shared Crazy

best mothers day gift

“Momma, we hab a supwise fah you but I can’t tewl you what it is. Daddy said I get in big twouble,” my three-year-old confessed to me.


Sometimes my idea of a surprise and my husband’s isn’t quite the same— not to mention the opinion of my preschooler. I didn’t get my hopes up in anticipation of Mother’s Day. Instead I geared up for the last week of school with my kids, going to parties and award ceremonies. Alternately giggling with my older girls as Sadie shook her groove thang on stage to “Dinah Won’t You Blow,” and beaming with pride as Aubrey accepted awards at her school. I packed away lunch boxes, back packs and school uniforms. I looked forward to sleeping later, drinking coffee on the couch while the girls watched cartoons and long, lazy days at the pool.

Towards the end of the week I felt a cold coming on and had a sinus headache that nothing in my medicine cabinet could touch. I was tired and irritable and counting the seconds until nap time. I chugged a couple of over the counter pain relievers with a glass of water and rubbed my eyebrows.

“Are you tired Momma?” my seven-year-old, Aubrey, asked.

“A little, I think I’m getting a cold. Everybody finish your lunch then we are going to rest for a little while. Big girls don’t have to sleep but you have to lie down and be quiet for a few minutes.”

My five-year-old groaned and Sadie yelled, “I don’t WANT to take a nap!”

“I’ll put Sadie down for a nap if you want me to Momma,” Aubrey offered.

I put my hands on the counter to steady myself. “Are you serious?”

“Sure!” She beamed at Sadie, “Want me to read you a book in your bed?”

“Yeah! Sissy! Sissy! Sissy!” Sadie chanted.

I watched in awe as Aubrey and Sadie put their dishes in the dishwasher and walked out of the room holding hands. “Go potty and pick out a book,” Aubrey instructed.

Emma and I laid on my bed and I listened intently to the conversation drifting down the hall from Sadie’s room.

“I wanna wead dis one!” Sadie said.

“Okay, get in the bed.” Aubrey paused for a second then began, “Puzzled by Pink, by Sarah Frances Hardy… Sadie sit down.”

Sadie squealed and I heard springs squeak as she undoubtedly jumped in the air.

“I MEAN IT SADIE! Sit down now!”

Sadie laughed maniacally and I stifled a giggle in my bedroom.

Aubrey got stern, “I’m not kidding with you Sadie. If you don’t sit down and be quiet I’m not going to read to you!”

“Okay… I will…” Sadie said, right before she launched into, “Five wittle monkeys jumping on the bed…” the springs squeaked in time to the song.

I heard footsteps in the hallway and my bedroom door creeped open. Aubrey’s curly head poked around the doorway, “Will you please come deal with her? Sadie is making me CRAZY!”

Mother’s Day wasn’t a disappointment— I slept late and woke up to breakfast in bed, homemade cards from all of my girls unanimously declaring me The Best Momma in The Whole Wide World. My husband even came through with a gift I had been hoping for and we spent a lazy day around the house. The whole family piled up on a quilt under the pecan tree in our yard, watching kittens and little girls play. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect day but the best gift I received this year was that moment, when Aubrey volunteered to help me and I felt for a split-second that someone else in this house knew what it felt like to be The Momma— in a word– crazy.

 What did you get for Mother’s Day?  

Next time, give your family a hint :)

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  1. says

    Priceless! Gotta love those little rewards when they show up!

    So sorry I missed you at B&N in Mt. Pleasant last weekend. The kids had a birthday party at the same time in Summerville. There’s that little problem all moms face – wanting/needing to be in two places at once. Maybe I’ll catch you next time around.
    Jan Culpepper recently posted..My Son, in Haiku

  2. Gena says

    My store bought gift was lovely and just what I asked for but could not compare to the homemade cards and thoughtful actions of my children & husband. A day spent in our backyard with children that got along and a husband grilling our dinner was my priceless gift.

  3. Lindsay says

    I got your book “Ketchup is a Vegetable” for M-day. I’ve got a 2yr old and a newborn and it is a great nursing companion. I’ll read sections out loud to my hubby and bless his heart he says “oh yeah” not having the slightest clue what is so funny. Thanks for the laughter. I’ve never felt such comradeship with an author before.

  4. Denise says

    After a welcomed breakfast in bed I spent the day in my favorite chair reading!! The kids were all home, no play dates, sleepovers or work schedules to worry about. No dinner, no plan, just beauty in a peaceful day of family filled home with quiet!! Best day ever!

  5. Amanda says

    I got exactly what I asked for for Mother’s Day – your book! I’ve been reading your blog and was just dying laughing and had to have the book. I asked my husband and ta-da a creepy looking blue mini-van delivered a box from Amazon that held your glorious book! What an awesome mother’s day present (except for the creepy blue mini-van that did the delivery. I was convinced I was being kidnapped until he handed me the box and pulled away)!

  6. Julie F says

    Oh, how sweet of Aubrey to at least offer to help when you weren’t feeling well. My daughter was the one that wasn’t feeling well over Mother’s Day weekend. It turns out that she had strep throat and we ended up in urgent care for a while on Mother’s Day. Then, we got caught in the rain on our way to and from the pharmacy. I guess that’s what being a mommy is all about. :)

    My daughter made me a card declaring me “the best Mommy in the hol intire world.” Love it! Homemade cards from 5 year olds are waaay better than store bought cards.

    My husband got me a special deal for a pedicure (s). Well, actually, he didn’t read the fine print. He thought he was getting me one deal worth $50, but it’s actually 5 deals, each worth $10. You can only use one per visit and unfortunately, they expire in November. There’s no way I’ll be able to redeem all of them. Oh well, it was still sweet of him.

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