Home Sweet– I don’t know where anything is anymore…

Well HELL-o.

I just unpacked my suitcase for the first time in a month. Did you think I was either dead or still wandering the streets of New York?

I am neither, although I sort of wish I was still wandering around NYC– alas I am home and exhausted from BlogHer ’12. Most of my readers do not blog and don’t really care so much about what happened there– unless I humiliated myself, in which case I KNOW you people and you are like, “YES!! Tell us about that!”

Well I’m going to do just that. I have SO much to catch up on writing-wise.

I left for NYC on Thursday August 2nd which just happened to be Aubrey’s 8th birthday. She was not happy with me but I assured her that we would celebrate later this month. But consumed by Mommy Guilty of epic proportions, I went to the store and got all the makings of a movie night: popcorn, the girls’ favorite candies and two brand spanking new DVDs and then proceeded to make the most elaborate scavenger hunt of my life. (By “of my life,” I mean, “EVER.” )

New York was a blur of meeting with brands, stalking the best pillow I’ve ever laid my head on EVER (note- WAY MORE THAN ONE) and meeting up with other bloggers and writers. Sunday, after the conference me, Sister Wife and my friend Pauline Campos turned shopping into an Olympic event and took the Gold for best overall performance. I think I got around 18-20 hours of sleep in about 5 days.

Sister Wife and I landed in Memphis and switched right back into Mommy Mode. We ran by Target and by some miracle of God I got all the school supplies I needed for Aubrey and Emma to start school. I got them ALL, at one time. It was amazing.

The next day I spent unpacking, hanging with my kids, buying groceries and writing their names on all of their supplies. I was pretty amazed at how much Mommy Butt I was kicking.

I got the bigs off to school the first day and went to yoga, (I know. I exercised! Hell hath frozen over.)

I came home to start the most massive cleaning of my house in recent history. Sadie was with Sister Wife and her daughter and around 10:30 I thought, “Good lard I’m tired. I’m just going to lay down for a minute.” I woke up at 2:00pm dazed and confused.

Catching up on the blog and now that my kids are in school I have time to blog obsessively. Hooray!

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    • says

      Great to see you too! These conferences drive me a little nutso because I don’t ever feel like I have enough time to talk to everybody I want to talk to!

  1. says

    I want to hear all about BlogHer, especially: did you figure out if that pillow can be purchased somewhere??? I could use a perfect pillow, and given how infrequently I get to actually lie down, it should last me FOREVER.
    Melissa recently posted..six word fridays: fun

    • says

      I just snorted coffee out my nose! Sister Wife has been put in charge of whipping my butt back into shape, she is taking it VEDDY seriously! I’m glad somebody is!

  2. says

    I am convinced that because my husband will have spent 3 months away from our daughter by the end of this year, and I have spent a total of a week away from her in 4 years -this is why she shows how much she ‘loves’ me through obstinance and a sassy mouth. -Don’t feel guilty for taking time off.
    Lichen recently posted..miscarriage pov

  3. Lisa Melton says

    Sounds like yall had a fabulous time! I want to hear more about it all!! Welcome back to routine world my friend. It’s a good place to dwell I must say.

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