Ode to my Refrigerator

1. Flashlight that I can never find when the power is out. Which is surprisingly easy to find while I’m cooking dinner and someone is shining it directly into my eyeballs.

2. Obviously that’s a picture of two unicorns dancing on a rainbow. NEXT. 

3.  Meals this Week. ( AKA meals we ate six months ago because I keep forgetting to menu plan.)  

4. Cute birthday party invite for someone we actually know AND like, therefore we will go. 

5. Quit your meanness. We all need to be reminded. 

6. Invitations to stuff. Importance of remembering to go to said stuff is determined soley by the number of magnets assigned to the invite.  

7. Stuff I will forget to mail this week. Also stuff I will forget to take to the bank this week. 

8. Artwork my kids dug out of the trash. 



HAIL YE holder of foods, cold and delicious. Keeper of Diet Cokes and my sanity.

I honor you, oh champion of schedules, artwork my kids keep digging out of the trash, and pictures I am too lazy to frame.

HARK– who goes there? It is thee– Valentine and Halloween candy circa 2009, lurking in the shadows… hiding from my children until I see fit to end your shelf life– or put you in my kids’ Christmas stockings to avoid buying new candy to throw away.

Behold your steadfast presence, your deli meat drawers overflowing with string cheese. Your gogurt runneth over. 

Your steadfast presence reassures me as you bravely guard the holy of holy’s– the good chocolate. For showing such bravery thou shalt be revered as a goodly peacemaker among our people until the end of all days.




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      • Michelle says

        Agree with Robin, the Ritter Sport with Hazelnuts is the best (though I prefer the Dark Chocolate version) If you all have Aldi’s, they sometimes have those at Aldi’s as well. And I believe Walgreen’s has them too.

  1. Renee says

    Ah ha! Another Mom that hides her chocolate behind the spinach! FYI…oven mitts are also a great help to Mom’s who choose to hide goodies!

  2. Julie F says

    Your fridge looks similar to mine. My fridge is mostly covered in my daughter’s artwork. I gave up trying to control it long ago. At least the artwork helps to hide all of the fingerprints and smudges on the stainless steel. :)

    Don’t you know you have to bury the artwork in the trash? My husband learned this lesson the hard way when our daughter dug some of her artwork out of the trash that he had tossed. She was heartbroken and wouldn’t stop talking about it for a few days. Now he knows to bury it under other stuff or he just leaves the job to me. It’s ridiculous the amount of paper she goes through.

  3. Julie says

    For a second I thought you snuck into my house and photographed MY refrigerator. Then I realized mine isn’t anywhere close to that organized…

  4. Nancy says

    I love how she hid the chocolate in the bag of frozen, chopped spinach. I used to hide my girl scout cookies (esp. the thin mint cookies) in a box of sanitary pads.

  5. Katy says

    Denise, MWDAS, who kindly introduced me to Robin and her delightful humor, once mentioned the concept of putting a mini-fridge in her bedroom to store ice cream. You could place it next to your bed and use it as a nightstand/Diet Coke hider.

    Lori, if you think you need the “Stop your meanness” sticker, steal it. I can’t think of a person who needs it LESS than Robin.

    Nancy, you’re a genius!

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