Sonic Somebody-Punch-Me-In-The-Face-Until-I-Lose-Consciousness Hour

This Monday morning started with me waking up a full 45 minutes late because apparently I am amazing at turning alarms off in my sleep. Oopsie.

I sprinted into the kitchen to throw food at my kids and pack their lunches. (It should be noted I haven’t gotten my heart rate up that high in about six months.) In said dash to feed my children for the entire day in fifteen minutes I knocked an open Diet Coke can out of the fridge, filling my shoes and soaking my night gown.

(Sidebar: YES, shoes. I think we’ve pretty much covered that you don’t walk barefoot in my house because my kids are nastee. Right? And it’s too hot here for slippers. Technically they are sandals. Birkenstocks if you have to know– but bottom line? Full of Diet Coke. With lime. Good grief y’all love some details. 

ALSO- I do this THING with Diet Coke where I open a can and leave it in the fridge and sort of take a swig whenever I walk by. On average I’d say my Diet Coke consumption is average to low but I hardly ever just like SIT down and drink. )

The day started with a bang but everybody got to school on time and I got to stay home with this little nugget.

Gonna have to homeschool this one. She’s too snuggly for school.


and worked through a huge stack of business cards I got from BlogHer. I filed the cards into four categories:

1) Brands


3)People Whose Cards Were So Confusing I Couldn’t Tell You Anything Other Than Their Name

4) People Who Are Not On Twitter. (I hate to say it- not really- but I threw all of these away. I mean how HARD are you trying to build something if you aren’t even on Twitter. I can’t imagine paying what it costs to go to a conference and not using the single most powerful and effective tool available. Which BY THE BY, is free.)

Sadie & Moses laid under my desk to help.


Sadie and I chilled at the house all day. Dora and Diego babysat while I worked my way through cards, wrote a couple of columns and um… yeah. That’s it. There were a lot of cards.

Took me about 10 hours to go through.

We went to pick the bigs up from school and APPARENTLY Dora & Diego aren’t really into napping so Sadie hadn’t had one. I had told the kids we could go to Sonic and about half a mile from where I needed to turn to either go to my house or to Sonic, Sadie started freaking out.


Me: Really? (Well founded skepticism folks.)

Sadie: YES!

Me: Fine, we’ll go home and you can go.

She panicked, unsure if that meant we wouldn’t go to Sonic.

Sadie: I don’t Meed to go.

Me: Are you SURE?


We flew into the parking lot where my kids changed their orders approximately 467 times while I was talking to the little dude in the speaker.

Me: I want two coconut slushes, one powerade slush and a large Diet Coke with Vanilla. (Nectar of the Gods.)

Him: So you want…

Emma: WAIT! Can I get cherry?

Me: Whatever!! I’m sorry can I get one cherry?

Sadie: I want cherry too!

Me: Sorry make that two cherry… one powerade slush.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

This went on until I finally told my kids to zip it and told the dude we needed four slushes of ANY variety and a vat of Diet Coke with Vanilla. I was still mourning the early morning loss of my Diet Coke with Lime.

This is the point when I took a moment for a little Mommy Reverie and wondered again how much it would cost to have bulletproof glass installed between me and my kids…


And ALSO? Why do they call it “Happy” Hour??

How was your Monday? 

*This post is not sponsored by Sonic or Diet Coke. But it should be.

** Do not be jealous of the sexy.


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  1. says

    Can’t wait to experience that.
    (No really, I can’t wait.)

    I spent my Monday feeding my little Princess & The Pea (she’s 3 1/2 months btw and already spoiled), kicking my husband out of bed to feed her after I went back to bed, was happy to finally got the chance to drink TWO WHOLE CUPS OF COFFEE. YEY.
    After that, I cleaned, and fed her, and cleaned, and put her new toys together, and cleaned, and fed her, and changed her once in a while too. I also got to go to the grocery store. Didn’t really feel like making dinner so my husband got himself corn dogs and cheese sticks and I had yummy freezer Chinese.
    Then both went to bed and I got bored, so I made a cake, where I forgot to grease the baking pan, but it still turned out perfect.
    Now I’m watching Hawaii-Five-O, ’cause when everything is clean and your little stinker is asleep it really is kind of boring, LOL

    • says

      That was just pathetic wasn’t it. We were in that line FOREVER and Martha hung out for less than 10 minutes. POUND SIGN: Martha FAIL!

  2. Brittany Sisson says

    I spent monday afternoon referring the COUNTLESS feuding hours between my little ladies, cooking supper,and checking homework, all while waiting on husband to get home from work. After supper I took my afternoon walk and even though the heartrate is supposed to be elevated, I took my time, and I AM NOT ASHAMED!! Mama needed a break!

    • says

      Oh Justine. Justine, Justine, Justine… sigh. I live in 1937. I have to get into my Delorian to go to Target. I’m 2.5 hours from Target, Starbucks or 5 Guys. But I will STOP DROP & ROLL the next time I need to get my DC fix near 5 Guys!

  3. says

    Ya gotta keep an eye on Dora and Diego, they can trick some kids with their doings. And NOW the Tater is all into SpongeBob and I’m not even ready for that!
    Love the blog, love the name, love it all! And because of all that love, I’m giving you the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Carry On ~ can you add rum to that Vanilla Coke???
    Sasha recently posted..Thank You, Thank you very much!

  4. says

    Started my first job since birth of youngest – first paycheck in 14 years. Check. Wearing make-up but not sweat pants to look half-way presentable. Check. In-laws in town for the week. Check. Honey, there ain’t enough happy in happy hour for me.
    Denise Malloy recently posted..Scarred For Life


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