Technogel Magic Marshmallow Pillow Made by Unicorns

Two of those words are SCIENTIFIC FACTS. The other ones just make me giggle.

Y’all know I went to New York City a few weeks ago for BlogHer, right?

Well what you may not know is that I live in 1937– don’t get me wrong. I love Greenwood, but to give you a little perspective you should know that the closest Target or Starbuck’s is a two-hour drive in any direction. Normally that’s not a really big deal.

BUT– when I need something really specific it costs an arm and a leg to get it. If I have to drive to Jackson, MS or Memphis, TN, not only do I have to buy a tank of gas, I also have to pay a babysitter or take my kids with me. By the time I get to civilization, I have a couple of hours before I have to get back home.

Because of my little time travel dilemma I have become QUITE the fan of online shopping. I have been on a quest for the last two years to find the perfect pillow.

I wake up every single morning with my neck hurting and recently have started having migraines. Every pillow I’ve bought has FAILED ME. Too big, too small, too hot. They all sucked.

Number of pillows purchased in my house over the last two years: 487,982-ish

Every time I go to Civilization, I look for pillows. Every store I go in, I swing through home decor. I have feather pillows, hypoallergenic pillows, memory foam pillows– all of them still leave me going to the chiropractor at least once a week, often twice. I take ibuprofen like they are vitamins.

I have laid in the bed wide awake at night and imagined my dream pillow. I put that on my short list of things to do in NYC: Eat sushi, shop, eat sushi, FIND THE PILLOW OF YOUR DREAMS.

BlogHer has sponsors and these sponsors set up booths in several different Expo Halls around the Hilton NYC. You could wander around and get giveaways, and talk to PR reps for the companies that were there.

My very first trip to the Expo Hall on Thursday night, I came off the escalators and there it was… the heavens opened before me, angels were singing. I grabbed my roommate, Pauline, by the arm and said, “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Do you know what this is??”

Pauline: Um? A pillow?

Me: THIS, is the pillow of my dreams. We have to stand right here until somebody comes to work this booth. I have to have this pillow.

Pauline: Ah… okay?

We stood at the Technogel booth and talked while I caressed the pillow. The Expo Hall wasn’t technically open yet but there were people milling around some of the booths. I was willing to wait.

I finally realized I had places to go and people to see so I wrote a love note to the pillow and left it with my card. Yes. Yes I did.


My friends at the conference put up with me making my way to the Expo Hall several times a day to visit My Pillow. I would have bought one on the spot had it been an option. I finally got to meet TechnoGel’s marketing director, Brittany, (and if you’ve read “Ketchup” I’ll just say, ‘No relation,’ and we’ll press on.) later that evening.

Me: Did you get my love note?

Her: *takes a step backwards* Oh. That was you?

Me: Yes. I have been looking for this pillow all my life.

Her: This pillow specifically?

Me: Not by brand. But it’s like y’all captured my dreams.

Her: *takes another step back* Have you laid on it?

Did I forget to tell y’all that their whole booth was a bed? Because it was. A bed and two of the most amazing pillows you’ve ever laid your head upon.

I belly flopped on the bed and cried. Just a little.

Me: I. Need. This. Pillow.

Her: I’ve got your info right?

She passed me her card. I kissed My Pillow goodnight and left.

I woke up at 4am that morning with a migraine building. I got out of the bed, where I was literally spooning Sister Wife (double beds are MUCH smaller than I remember them being) and took migraine medicine. My phone happened to be sitting right next to the bed. Which happened to be sitting right next to my stack of business cards. And Brittany’s was right on top. I emailed her at 4am like a crazy psycho stalker.

“Hi. It was nice to meet you tonight. I am in love with that pillow. Up taking a migraine pill because my neck is killing me. Robin”

After getting back to Greenwood, I got an email from Technogel telling me they were sending me a pillow. I was happy. I got my pillow on Tuesday, on Wednesday morning I woke up without a headache for the first time in weeks.

This is what I love about this pillow (The Anatomic):

  • It’s contoured for side & back sleepers
  • The bottom is memory foam but not the crappy stuff the ones I’ve had before were made out of. This one is made out of magic.
  • The top layer of the pillow is gel. Holy. Mother. I can’t even. Y’all. Y’all! Not only does it contour and cradle your head– the pillow stays cool all night long. I DON’T KNOW HOW! But it does. It stays so cool that they have a handy little winter case that comes all zipped up on them to keep your sweet little cheeks from getting too cold in the winter. Is that precious or what?

I talked about this pillow so much to my sister that she ordered one immediately. She has similar neck/headache issues and said the same thing. So there you go. They are pricey but if you are spending dollah dollah billz like I have been on a chiropractor, co-pays, migraine meds and bulk ibuprofen– totally worth the money.

*full disclosure* Brittany sent me the Anatomic Pillow for free. Possibly because she was afraid that she was going to have to see me again somewhere else. But NO MATTER, I got my pillow. I also ordered one for Zeb at a discount because I didn’t want to have to divorce him if he touched mine. Technogel did not even ask me to post about their product or pay me for my earnest, well-deserved enthusiasm. They gave me a pillow and I fell in love.

***Special thanks to all my BlogHer buddies who went with me repeatedly to visit My Pillow at the Expo Hall, yet efrained from taking pictures of me laid out on the bed and posting them on the internet. ;

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  1. says

    So so glad you loved it! I totally stalked Brittany as well, ha! I told her the story of how the rep in San Diego last year insulted me and another blogger so badly that I think she promised me a pillow just to make up for his horrible behavior!

    I really wanted to jump over the escalator railing onto the bed to see how it bounced, but I didn’t think the security people would take my excuse that is was for “research.”
    Kim recently posted..Happy Birthday Beaux !

  2. says

    You realize I’ve been using the same Target pill for a decade because of similar issues. I still love it, but have to acknowledge that it may have crossed the line into shag-nasty territory. Off to check out the unicorn dream pillow now!!
    Jodi recently posted..Expect the Unexpected

  3. says

    OMGOSH, Robin! You and I are so simpatico! I made my blog entry this morning, cleaned and what-not and then sat down to see what goodness you had in store today. Imagine my surprise when your post was almost identical to mine! It was so nice to know that I am not alone in my quest for the perfect pillow and a day without headaches! If you get a chance, check out my entry on . Thanks so much for the tip on a pillow. I guess I know what I will be express-ship ordering today!!! Have a blessed day!

  4. says

    I’m sending this link to my wife, who is currently experiencing incredible, mystery neck pain. I’m up with the toddler right now, and she’s sleeping in, since she didn’t sleep most of the night. Thanks for the tips!
    neal recently posted..Eating dirt

  5. says

    I can’t even begin to explain my pillow envy.

    I, too, circled the BlogHer12 Expo halls, and never happened to see the Technogel booth. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????

    I’ve had migraines since I was a little girl, and they got worse when I was in a car wreck at age 17. I get the neck ones most often, so we have about 724,891 pillows in the house. All kinds. You know the drill.

    I buy shower heads only that have enough pressure to help massage the knots from my neck & shoulders caused by all my bad pillows (and crazy dreams, during which I fidget & fuss on said crappy pillows), constantly trying to fight the migraines.

    I have 2 kinds of Rx migraine meds, plus a handful of over the counter remedies, plus I stretch regularly and do yoga. All. To prevent. NECK MIGRAINES.

    If I had the cash on hand to buy a pillow, I would in a heartbeat. If Technogel ever says “Hey Robin….you wanna give one away?”, I’D DO ANYTHING to get one.

    Next time you call your friend over there, tell her I said she’s sooooo pretty and smells nice, too. And that I’m so sick of neck-migraines from crappy pillows that I’d be her Pillow Pimp if she ever gave me the chance.

    xo Kim
    Kim at Let Me Start By Saying recently posted..If I Had My Own Magazine? I’d be the Cover Girl

  6. says

    You’re totally gonna think I’m making this up to be like you. But I am constantly on a mission for the perfect pillow too!!!! I don’t have headaches or anything, but I like to be comfy. And I spend a LOT of time in bed. I’ve been using the temperpedic for a few years and I love it, but it’s pretty hot. Your pillow sounds amazeballs because half of my life, there’s a dude in my bed, giving off body heat and making life miserable. The other half of my life, it’s just little ole (okay, chubby ole) me and I have to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt and wool socks because I’m so fricking cold. So your pillow…I’m sort of fantasizing about it.

    • says


      Okay. I love commercials more than air. And those commercials where they’re all like, I’m gellin. Are you gellin? He is SO not gellin! I LOVE THOSE COMMERCIALS!!!

      I’m going to the store tomorrow. Don’t tell Nick.
      Jennifer recently posted..Update on the Crazies

    • says

      We can’t help that we are soul mates. You need that pillow more than you need your next breath and as much as you need Zoloft. That’s serious talk.

  7. Lisa Melton says

    OK, how would I decide between the classic or the anatomic pillow? I don’t really have any “sleep pains” but I am a back and side sleeper 100%!! Thoughts? Since you actually saw them in person what do you think?

  8. Kimberly says

    Wait a minute – you’re telling me a pillow could stop the migraines that I wake up from sleeping with? What?! Why has this thought never occurred to me? This bad boy is going on my Christmas list RIGHT NOW. And I will be glad to report back to you in the new year once I stop seeing the chiro for migraines as well. I joke that Excedrine Migraine is all I eat for breakfast anymore.

    If your magical pillow is the fix, you will be my hero. And the pillow. Thanks for the tip either way!!

  9. Julie says

    Sounds like you have the same pillow issues I do! If this miracle pillow ever goes on sale, will you PLEASE post it for us?!?!


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