How Obagi Changed My Skin #ad #vlog

This is one of those sponsored posts I was telling you about. I didn’t get paid to write this post but I was given free products by Obagi for review. They gave me a whole bunch of their products, believing that I would love their stuff. They were right! 

All the crap I bought in the last 18 months that did NURN.

All the crap I bought in the last 18 months that did NURN.

I’ve never been one to spend “big money” on face wash and moisturizer… so basically instead of buying something that actually worked, I spent $8 and $10 on a TON of stuff did that did nothing. Nada. Zip– I take that back, all that stuff did take my makeup off but that was about it.

I started using Obagi a little over a month ago. And I’m going to be honest– cause that’s what I do— about eight days in, my face broke out worse than it ever has in my life. Fo realz. It was like Connect-The-Dots all up ON my face. But I had been warned by my peeps at Obagi, as well as my peeps at Park Avenue Med Spa, that this would happen and to keep using the product. So I did, and about two weeks ago I started getting comments from people about my skin– starting with Aubrey, my eight-year-old, “Momma, I think that stuff is REALLY helping with your dots!”

Preach, preacha.


My yoga instructor, Mommy friends and other miscellaneous peeps have asked me if my makeup is different, and told me that my face looked amazing… which OBVIOUSLY, was pretty easy to hear.

Zebulicious and I have been on opposite travel schedules for about two weeks and when we finally saw each other, I was passed out on his parent’s couch, recovering from going from California to Mississippi to Alabama to North Carolina back to Alabama,  in less than two weeks. I was forcing him to scratch my back and other super not sexy-ish things and as he brushed my hair off my face, he said, “Your face feels different. I guess that stuff did help, huh?”

“You think??” I asked sarcastically from my prone position on the couch, “I’m RADIANT, dammit.”

And I am. Really.

I love Obagi. Love it. Love it. Love it. It is the only skin care product I’ve ever used that had results so drastic that other people took notice– hell, it’s the only product I’ve ever used that had results that noticed!!

Before I started using Obagi, my skin was really dry and not necessarily prone to break outs but when I look at pictures I can see that my skin looked dull and dry and my fine lines were more noticeable. Not anymore Boos, I’m radiant. Just like Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web… minus the barnyard animals.

Radiant, dammit.

Radiant, dammit.

This is a sponsored post. Obagi gave me several of their fantabulous products in exchange for my thoughts– wasn’t that NICE of them?? 

Obagi Changed My Skin

Obagi Changed My Skin

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